Replace your lawn with sustainable water efficient landscaping!  

Patsy and Nicolai are excited to announce delivery of our exclusive, famous (organic) compost and shredded tree mulch now all over the Sacramento Metropolitan Area from Vacaville to Placerville, Galt to Auburn. Our beautiful compost is the very finest, premium, organic product available anywhere, and we deliver. Shredded tree mulch is the crucial "food for the soil", that feeds the worms and microbes and is the product used to "layer mulch" your lawn or garden. We deliver shredded tree mulch, compost, and pure worm castings to you saving you time and money.

We help home owners save precious water! Attend one of our workshops at a local nursery, garden club or event and learn how to "Grow Your Soil", or have us out to give you suggestions on how to make your landscape be more water efficient and beautiful.

We can help you redesign or replace you're your old thirsty landscape for the "New Normal" California look. We will guide you through the ways to do this economically and with less work. We can suggest designers and contractors we have worked with from "EcoLandscapers" listed on the Green Gardener list at the EcoLandscape California website.

Delivery and Services
  • Compost
  • Shredded Tree Mulch
  • Worm Castings
  • Vermi-Tea
  • Soil Blend* (limited)
  • Rainwater Harvesting
  • Irrigation System Audits
Consulting for Sustainability
  • Designers and Contractors